Wednesday 30 October 2019

Exhaust of Welding Fumes by using EXAIR 2″ Super Air Amplifier

While most applications utilize the outlet flow of the Super Air Amplifier to blow off or cool a part or material, the ability of the Super Air Amplifier to entrain large amounts of ambient air can also be utilized to convey light materials or to draw in dust, smoke, or fumes from the surrounding environment.

Recently a customer had an application to install the Model 120022 Super Air Amplifier in welding booths. They did have a current fume extraction system in place, but due to the distance between the vent hoods and the operation some of the fumes were still not being captured. The suggestion was to install a 2” Model 120022 at each booth near the origin of the welding fumes. As the exhaust side of the Super Air Amplifiers come in sizes of ¾”, 1-1/4”, 2”, 4”, and 8” the exhaust flow can be ducted with standard size hose. The placed a 2” ID hose onto the exhaust of the Super Air Amplifier which allowed the fumes to be captured into the intake of the amplifier and be carried towards the vent hood.

This eliminated a safety issue for the operators and was much less expensive than redesigning the entire welding booths and current extraction system. With no moving parts to wear out, the Super Air Amplifier requires absolutely zero maintenance when supplied with clean, dry compressed air. After installing onto each of their welding booths, operators were pleased with the performance and we were able to eliminate the safety hazard for this facility.

With a range of different sized Super Air Amplifiers as well as a line of Adjustable Air Amplifiers, EXAIR has a solution for you if you need to move A LOT of air for a variety of reasons.

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