Monday 29 February 2016

Air Amplifier

Vent, exhaust, cool, dry, clean – with no moving parts!

What Are Air Amplifiers?

An uncomplicated, inexpensive way to propel, smokes, fumes & light materials. Air Amplifiers are bladeless, motor less which can be used for cooling, extracting, drying and ventilating in process, food and manufacturing industries. Using a small volume of compressed air as the power source, it utilise the “Coanda” effect to draw larger volumes of ambient air into the device to amplify the air flow by up to 25 times.

Why Air Amplifiers?

Air Amplifiers Cool Engines during testingDucted Adjustable Air Amplifiers draw clean air
A Model 120024 4" (102mm) Super Air Amplifier cools an engine during dynamometer testing.Adjustable Air Amplifiers are ducted to draw clean air for drying.
Air amplifiers are compact, lightweight, portable & have no moving parts, assuring maintenance –free operation. Air amplifier is easy to mount and maintain reducing both compressed air consumption and noise levels. It takes energy from a small volume of compressed air to produce a high velocity, high volume, low pressure output air flow. Both the inlet (vacuum intake) and discharge ends of the Air Amplifiers may be ducted for light material and fume conveying applications. Care must be taken to avoid unnecessary restrictions that will cause back pressure or suction resistance that will reduce performance levels. The back pressure and resistance should be kept to less than 2" of water column. The force, flow&vaccum can be easily controlled. .
Super Air Amplifiers are efficient & have the highest amplification ratios of all. Super Air amplifiers are compact, lightweight, portable & have no moving parts, assuring maintenance –free operation.
To maintain critical position of the component parts, the patented design of the amplifier uses a special shim. This results in the release of exact amount of compressed air at precise intervals toward the centre of the Super Air Amplifier. A high velocity outlet flow across the entire crossSuper Air Amplifiers blow off transmissions after machiningsectional area is created by these jets of air. High Amplification ratio is created by pulling in additional free air through the unit. Wind shear is minimized by the balanced outlet airflow, to produce sound levels that are generally quieter than other air movers.
A slotted air gap of .003” (0.08mm) is supplied with Super Air Amplifiers which is ideal for most applications. Shim can be replaced with a thicker .006”(0.15mm) or .009”(0.23mm) shim to get increased force & flow. Air amplifier is easy to mount and maintain reducing both compressed air consumption and noise levels. It takes energy from a small volume of compressed air to produce a high velocity, high volume, low pressure output air flow.
A combination of Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super
Air Amplifiers and Model 1122 2" Super Air Nozzles
blow off transmissions after they are machined.

Super Air Amplifiers dry partsSuper Air Amplifiers cool truck pistons
(2) Model 120022 2" Super Air
Amplifiers dry small parts as they
move down along a parts conveyor.
(5) Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air
Amplifiers cool truck pistons prior to gauging.

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Friday 26 February 2016

Heavy Duty Dry Vac

Heavy Duty Dry Vac

Heavy Duty Dry Vac

Vacuum more material in less time!

Industrial duty vacuum has a rugged construction to resist wear!

Intelligent Compressed Air Product

EXAIR's new Heavy Duty Dry Vac attaches to an ordinary 55 gallon open-top (45 imperial gallon/205 liter) drum to turn it into a powerful, industrial duty vacuum cleaner. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac has been engineered to vacuum more dry materials in less time with less wear. 

Designed for tough industrial environments, the hardened alloy construction resists premature wear while the 0.1 micron filter bag traps dust to keep the surrounding air clean. The quiet operation makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications including the clean up of abrasive materials like steel shot, garnet, metal chips, and sand while also useful for general purpose applications like vacuuming floors, machines, work stations, industrial machinery and equipment.

Electrically operated vacuums have motors and impellers that clog and wear out quickly. There is also a potential shock hazard when electric vacs are used in standing liquids. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac is compressed air powered which eliminates the shock hazard. It has no moving parts to wear out or break, to assure long life. It is quiet with a sound level that is half that of electric vacs. A static resistant hose prevents painful shocks when vacuuming dry, dusty materials.

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Thursday 25 February 2016

Vortex Tubes

Vortex Tubes are an effective, low cost solution to a wide variety of industrial spot cooling and process cooling needs. A Vortex Tube turns factory compressed air into two airstreams, one very cold and one hot, using no moving parts. Simple and low-cost, a Vortex Tube can produce:
Cool product during ultrasonic welding Temperatures from -50°F (-46°C) to +260°F (+127°C).
• Refrigeration up to 10,200 BTU/H (2571 Kcal/H)
• Air flow rates from 1 to 150 SCFM.
A control valve located in the hot exhaust end can be used to adjust the temperature drop and rise over a wide range for all Vortex Tubes.

The hardened Stainless Steel construction of EXAIR Vortex Tubes helps to resist wear, as well as its resistance to corrosion & oxidation, assures years of reliable & maintenance free operation. The vortex tube is also known as the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube.EXAIR Vortex Tubes use only compressed air for spot cooling- no electricity or refrigerants are required.
Cool medical tube dieCool cutting knives in pelletizerCool medical tube die
Special High Temp. Vortex Tubes Keep a Boroscope lens cool while inserted into a 1200 Deg.F boiler porthole.Model 3250 Vortex Tubes cool the
cutting knives in this pelletizer to prevent irregular shapes.
A Model 3215 Vortex Tube cools a die on a medical tube forming machine
Padmalochan Nayak
Application Engineer

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Wednesday 24 February 2016

Efficient and  Easy way  for COOLING, DRYING,BLOWING and REMOVING EXCESS OILS in Manufacturing Companies

EXAIR’s Super Air knife is an advanced generation tool used to blow off liquid or debris from products as they travel on conveyors. The knife consists of a high intensity, uniform sheet of laminar airflow sometimes known as streamline flow across the entire length with hard hitting force. An industrial Super Air knife is a pressurized air plenum containing a series of holes or continuous slots through which pressurized air exits in a laminar flow pattern. The exit air velocity then creates an impact air velocity onto the surface of whatever object the air is directed.

Super Air Knives are aerodynamically engineered and tested to produce an efficient, uniform and high velocity stream of air. Air Knives are designed for 24/7 use, have smooth edges and seams for easier cleaning, can be precisely adjusted without tools for faster change-over’s and are custom sized for your application. Super Air knife dramatically reduce compressed air and noise levels as compared to other blow-off products. The sound level is surprisingly quite at 69 dBA even at high pressure of 80 PSIG (5.5 BAR). It produces air amplification ratios (entrained air to compressed air) of 40:1.Meets OSHA maximum dead-ended pressure & noise requirements.

Specials are available. Please Contact us for details.

Tuesday 23 February 2016


EXAIR’s Cold Air Guns use filtered compressed air (80-100 PSIG) and vortex tube technology to produce sub-zero air for industrial spot cooling. Using only compressed air, the Air Gun produces a stream of cold air 50°F (28°C) below your compressed air Cold Guns keep parts cooltemperature @ 80 psi. It’s clean, convenient – put the gun where you need it, using the magnetic base – aim the cold air stream onto your work with the flexible hose – go to work!. To optimize the gun’s cooling capability the cold airflow & the temperature drop are factory set & is non-adjustable.
Cold air machining eliminates mist coolants and heat-related parts growth while improving tool life, parts tolerance and surface finish quality. Air Cooling System for dry machining applications - replaces polluting and often toxic mist systems to improve dry machining operations. No mess, no residue and low in cost. The unit is muffled for quiet operation. No moving parts assure long life, maintenance free operation while extending tool life and improving production rates.
Cold Air Guns are used in various industrial processes, fabrication, assembly and packaging as a versatile spot cooling device. Most popular applications involve cooling during the machining of metals, plastics, wood, rubber, ceramics and other materials.

Thursday 18 February 2016

NEW PRODUCT:  New Anti-Static Air Gun is CE, UL and RoHS Certified

EXAIR’s new Ion Air Gun removes static electricity, contaminants and dust from parts prior to labeling, assembly, packaging, painting or finishing. This engineered product has undergone independent laboratory tests to certify it meets the rigorous safety, health and environmental standards of the USA, European Union and Canada that are required to attain the CE and UL marks. It is also RoHS compliant. New design features include a metal armored high voltage cable to protect against abrasion and cuts, a replaceable emitter point, integrated ground connection and electromagnetic shielding. The shockless Ion Air Gun neutralizes static electricity and cleans at distances up to 15 feet (4.6m).
The Ion Air Gun incorporates a high velocity air jet that uses a small amount of compressed air to entrain 80 percent of the total output airflow from the surrounding room air. An electrically energized emitter at the discharge end fills the entire airstream with positive and negative ions capable of neutralizing high static charges in a fraction of a second. An optional regulator allows infinite adjustment of the air volume and velocity.

A comfortable grip and hand position allows hours of continuous use without fatigue. 
The Ion Air Gun is quiet, lightweight and features a hanger hook for easy storage. The 10 foot shielded power cable is flexible, designed for rugged use. A new selectable voltage power supply has been designed to operate the Ion Air Gun. Applications include cleaning molded parts, pre-paint dust removal, furniture finishing and package cleaning prior to labeling or printing.

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Wednesday 17 February 2016

Cabinet Coolers End Costly ShutDowns:

A manufacturer of enclosure cooling systems prevented the loss of future production and eliminated downtime. Could this type of cooling be suited to your environment? The story is all too familiar. Your best customer places an important order for a custom made product that is needed as soon as possible. The company is even willing to pay rush charges to speed the delivery process. You give the company a firm delivery date and don’t foresee any problem getting the job shipped out on time. The raw materials are there and the job is set up and running fine when suddenly, disaster strikes! Half-way through the production run, the machine grinds to a screeching halt and refuses to budge. That’s exactly what happened to Lasercraft Inc. of Fairfield, OH, manufacturers of precision laser-cut metal parts.

Most of the country experienced scorching heat last summer where temperatures soared to record levels. For Lasercraft, June brought the expected heat wave. The building was uncomfortably warm but production ran without a hitch. However, as the days pushed into mid-July, the temperatures continued to rise. The 90°F+ days combined with heat put out by their laser cutting machine took the temperature of the non-air-conditioned shop up over 100°F. Soon, the heat took its toll on the electrical enclosures of the laser cutting machine. The computer produced a lot of error messages and stopped the operation. Lasercraft tried numerous times to get the program to run with no success.

As it turned out, the main CNC circuit board failed and required shipment to Australia (the manufacturer’s principle location) for repair. The situation got worse. It took three days to get a temporary replacement computer cabinet. On top of that, the heat in its free-standing control cabinet was shutting the computer monitor off. This “meltdown” left Lasercraft no choice but to move the job to their Cleveland location until the repairs could be made. The urgency to keep their good reputation and meet delivery times made finding the proper cooling product Lasercraft’s first priority.Jeff Hauck, General Manager of Lasercraft Corp, began to searching the internet for a solution. “Of course, I wanted to come up with something that was permanent so this would never happen to us again”, Hauck said. “Opening the panel doors wasn’t an option due to safety concerns of having exposed electronics. Mounting panel fans made no sense because the temperature in the shop was too hot to provide cooling.”

Other Options Were Considered After reading about heat exchangers, he concluded they would be too impractical since there was very little difference between the hot cabinet temperature and the outside surroundings. He had also considered the Freon-type air-conditioners similar to those on other panels in the Lasercraft building. Based on past experience, Mr. Hauck considered them “a constant maintenance project of their own” and as a result decided against them based on their ongoing hassle of keeping the filters clean and the Freon charged. Finally, he found EXAIR Corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio, who manufactures a Cabinet Cooler that met all their requirements.

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Tuesday 16 February 2016

EXAIR's new Model 9204 1 NPT Swivel Fitting makes it easy to precisely adjust the position of our award-winning air nozzles. With this 303 Stainless Steel swivel, EXAIR’s powerful, efficient and quiet Super Air Nozzles can be pointed exactly where you need work to be done. A 50 degree total angle of adjustment provides the movement necessary for your nozzles to be in the best position for maximum effectiveness. The 1 MNPT x 1 FNPT swivel will work with any 1 NPT nozzle or fitting regardless if they have a male or female thread.
EXAIR’s swivel fitting with Super Air Nozzle delivers a precision, highly focused and forceful blowoff for applications in tight spaces or requiring precision positioning for achieving desired results. The new 1 NPT swivels can be used with 316SS and zinc/aluminum alloy Super Air Nozzles. EXAIR nozzles from the smallest M4 x 0.5 to the 1 NPT have been engineered to maximize entrainment of room air while minimizing compressed air consumption and all have EXAIR swivels available. Safe operation is assured by meeting OSHA’s standard 1910.242(b) for pressure and OSHA’s noise exposure standard 29CFR – 1910.95(a). EXAIR’s nozzles are also CE compliant