Sunday 28 October 2012

Super Air Knife for Blowing And Cleaning

Exair’s Compressed Air products   provide solution for Industrial Automation  for various applications in small  and big factories. One of our customers uses  the 18” super Air knife for  blowing and cleaning  water and dust particles from fruits. 

They had a serious problem relating to their fruit drying and cleaning purpose. So they contacted us. Our application engineer visited their site and determine a solution  to their problem .  Earlier they were doing this work by  the electric fans ,but it was time taking and not so effective as they couldn’t clean the dust properly. As per his consideration we provided them a 18” Super Air knife. Now they are satisfied by using EXAIR’s Super Air Knife.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

What You Don't Know Can Kill You!

Did you know that it's dangerous to block a typical commercial nozzle with your hand or other body part? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), any air hose, open pipe, or tube with an outlet pressure greater than 30 PSIG could potentially injure or even kill someone who blocks the opening with a body part (OSHA CFR 1910.242(b)). The dead-ended pressure buildup could force air bubbles into a worker's bloodstream and block critical blood flow. EXAIR's engineered Air Nozzles are designed to prevent dead-ending at any pressure. >> Tell Me More

Are You Blowing Away Money With Your Current Blowoff Operation?

Many commercial nozzles ignore efficiency in order to try and create additional blowoff force. While this may be useful in the short term, it can ending up costing you a lot of money over the life of that nozzle! For example, a typical 1/8" open pipe blowoff at 80 PSIG will use 70 SCFM of air. EXAIR's equivalent 1/8 NPT Model 1102 Mini Super Air Nozzle will use 10 SCFM at 80 PSIG. In other words, after using EXAIR's engineered nozzle over one year of a 40 hour/week operation, you could save about Rs 1,26,000.00 in compressed air production and that's just by replacing one nozzle! >> Tell Me More

In addition, the reduced air use of an EXAIR engineered nozzle also means that less noise is produced. When a blowoff operation is upgraded with an EXAIR Air Nozzle, noise is reduced by 10 dBA on average! >> Tell Me More

Thursday 11 October 2012

E-Vac Vacuum Generators

E-Vac Vacuum Generators

XAIR’s compressed air powered E-Vac is a low cost, compact alternative to traditional vacuum pumps in single stage designs. EXAIR's vacuum generators can be used to generate vacuum economically without a single moving part.
Patented design extracts maximum amount of energy from compressed air source while optimizing the level of vacuum generation. E-Vac is commonly used for pick & place operations and provides instantaneous response. Variety of sizes & flows along with a selection of suction cups for wide range of application are available with these single stage vacuum pumps.

The E-Vac vacuum generators have high efficiency & have been engineered to minimize air consumption. The fluctuations in vacuum are eliminated due to the EXAIR’s single stage design, providing consistent & steady vacuum. E-Vac has no moving parts to wear out & is completely maintenance free.More details>>