Tuesday 3 September 2019

DESCHNER-USA provides various types of Industrial shock absorbers

Deschner Corporation was founded in 1959 by Richard Deschner. An inventor by nature and an engineer by training Mr. Deschner developed the original Slimline Kinechek speed regulators and Cushioneer shock absorbers. Both Kinecheks and Cushioneers use a unique seal design he invented which makes the units absolutely leak proof. They also use the unique adjustment mechanism he developed which allows them to fit a much wider variety of applications and loads when compared to competitor’s products.
Cushioneer shock absorbers smoothly decelerate moving equipment and material to a stop while minimizing G forces to prevent damage and allow faster cycling, processing time, or handling speed. Kinechek speed regulators move at a constant speed throughout their stroke to allow consistent control of linear motion, such as that provided by an air cylinder.

The simple, streamlined and uncomplicated appearance of the Cushioneer shock absorbers and Kinechek, MiniK, and SuperK speed regulators hide from view the extraordinary development, design effort, and care in manufacturing inside every Deschner product. In fact nine patents have been awarded to Deschner products because of their innovative design.
Today Deschner continues to manufacture Cushioneers and Kinecheks at its modern manufacturing facility in Southern California. These products are built to last and will run, trouble free for millions of cycles. Many units have lasted more than twenty years and/or tens of millions of cycles in constant use by customers. In March, 2014 Deschner shipped its one millionth unit and today thousands of Deschner products are in use all over the world including with many of the largest brand name manufacturers of industrial equipment who require the highest performance products possible.
Recently Deschner released an exciting new product, the Impacta shock absorber. This new, self adjusting, shock absorber is designed with an industry standard fully threaded body for easy installation and replacement of other manufacturer’s shock absorbers. The Impacta self adjusting shock absorber has demonstrated the ability to handle a much wider range of loads than competitor’s units and is available in metric thread sizes M14, M20, M25, and M27.

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