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Heavy Duty Line Vac

Heavy Duty Line Vac

Our most powerful Line Vac moves high volumes of material and resists wear!

Close-up of Heavy Duty Line Vac Construction

What Is The Heavy Duty Line Vac?

The Heavy Duty Line Vac is EXAIR's most powerful conveyor. The appearance is similar to the standard Line Vac but performance has been boosted dramatically. The Heavy Duty Line Vac has been engineered to convey materials over longer vertical and horizontal distances. The hardened alloy construction helps prevent premature wear that could occur with ordinary aluminum or stainless steel Line Vacs.
Heavy Duty Line Vac Size Comparison
Heavy Duty Line Vacs are available in five sizes: 3/4" (19mm), 1" (25mm), 1 1/4" (32mm),1 1/2" (38mm) and 2" (51mm).

The hardened alloy construction resists
wear and conveys over longer distances.
New threaded models are available.

Why The Heavy Duty Line Vac?

Heavy Duty Line Vac Conveys Metal Parts

Many applications require the materials be transported over longer distance. The Heavy Duty Line Vac can move more material over longer lengths. They have been designed for rugged, industrial applications.
The table below gives a quick comparison of our Light Duty Line Vac, standard Line Vac, and the Heavy Duty Line Vac models. For comparison, the test shows the 2" (51mm) model of each style conveying the same material over various lengths. Heavy Duty Line Vac conveys more material in less time.
Metal parts are conveyed with the Model
150200 2" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac
as they drop off the edge of the conveyor.

Rock Salt Conveying Rate Comparison
100 Feet (30.5m)200 Feet (61m)
Model 130200 2" (51mm) Light Duty Line Vac166 lbs/hr. (75.3 kg/hr.)N/A
Model 6084 2" (51mm) Line Vac334 lbs/hr. (151.5 kg/hr.)85 lbs/hr. (38.6 kg/hr.)
Model 150200 2" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac524 lbs/hr. (237.7 kg/hr.)200 lbs/hr. (90.7 kg/hr.)
Horizontal conveying tested at 80 PSIG (5.5 BAR)

Heavy Duty Line Vac vacuums chips from drive train

An automotive manufacturer vacuums chips from drive train differentials withna Model 150200 2" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac.

  • Hopper loading
  • Fiber tensioning
  • Material conveying
  • Waste/trim removal
  • Chip removal
  • Part transfer
  • Filling operations
Heavy Duty Line Vac Dimensions

Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac Dimensions

Threaded Line Vac Dimensions
Heavy Duty ModelA (Pipe Size Inches)UOMBCDEFGHIJKLMNOP
1510753/4 NPTin.501.883.881.88121.761. NPT
1511001 NPTin.752. NPT
1511251-1/4 NPTin12.384.632.251.382.51.2512.311. NPT
1511501-1/2 NPTin1.252.754.632.251.382.51.25.861. NPT
1512002 NPTin1.753.254.632.251.3831. NPT

Heavy Duty Line Vac Performance

80 PSIG (5.5 BAR)SizeAir ConsumptionVacuum
Model #inmmSCFMSLPM"H2OkPa
150075, 151075.751926736-144-36
150100, 1511001.02535991-105-26
150125, 1511251.2532491388-83-21
150150, 1511501.538551557-60-15
150200, 1512002.051752124-42-10

Heavy Duty Line Vac Models

BSP Threads Available - Contact Us
Heavy Duty Line Vac
Model #Description
1500753/4" (19mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac
1501001" (25mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac
1501251-1/4" (32mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac
1501501-1/2" (38mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac
1502002" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac
Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac
Model #Description
1520753/4" (19mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac
1521001" (25mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac
1521251-1/4" (32mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac
1521501-1/2" (38mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac
1522002" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac


Heavy Duty Line Vac Accessories
Model #Description
6995Mounting Bracket for 3/4" (19mm) and 1" (25mm) Line Vac Units
6996Mounting Bracket for 1-1/4" (32mm) and 1-1/2" (38mm) Line Vac Units
6997Mounting Bracket for 2" (51mm) and 2-1/2" (64mm) Line Vac Units
9001Auto Drain Filter Separator, 3/8 NPT, 65 SCFM (1841 SLPM)
9032Auto Drain Filter Separator, 1/2 NPT, 90 SCFM (2549 SLPM)
9002Auto Drain Filter Separator, 3/4 NPT, 220 SCFM (6230 SLPM)
9005Oil Removal Filter, 3/8 NPT, 15-37 SCFM (425-1048 SLPM)
9006Oil Removal Filter, 3/4 NPT, 150 SCFM (4248 SLPM)
9008Pressure Regulator, 1/4 NPT, 50 SCFM (1416 SLPM)
9033Pressure Regulator, 1/2 NPT, 100 SCFM (2832 SLPM)
9009Pressure Regulator, 1/4 NPT, 220 SCFM (6230 SLPM)
Hose is available in 10', 20', 30', 40' and 50' lengths. Select the hose model number (diameter) and indicate the length with a dash. Example: A Model 6931-20 is 1" ID Hose x 20' long.
6928-Hose 3/8" ID
6929-Hose 1/2" ID
6930-Hose 3/4" ID
6931-Hose 1" ID
6932-Hose 1-1/4" ID
6933-Hose 1-1/2" ID
6934-Hose 2" ID
6935-Hose 2-1/2" ID
6936-Hose 3" ID

Friday 27 May 2016

Chip Trapper

Chip Trapper

Chip Trapper

Filter the chips out of your used coolant and cutting oils!

Vacuums in the liquid with solids,pumps out only the liquid!

The new Chip Trapper (patent pending) offers a fast, easy way to clean chips, swarf and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids. The Chip Trapper vacuums the coolant or liquid that is filled with debris and traps all the solids in a reusable filter bag. Only the liquid pumps back out. It is ideal for use on machines with sumps, parts washers, tanks and storage containers of contaminated liquids.

The Chip Trapper uses EXAIR's compressed air powered Reversible Drum Vac (included) that can fill or empty a 55 gallon drum in less than two minutes. Simply set the Reversible Drum Vac pump and directional flow control valve on top of the drum to "fill" for it to quickly vacuum the liquid with solids. Once the sump, pit or tank is empty, set the pump and directional valve to "empty" for it to pump out clean coolant/liquid. All the chips and other solids are trapped inside the reusable filter bag of the Chip Trapper.

Why The Chip Trapper?

A sudden lack of coolant flow in a machining operation will likely damage the part and expensive tooling. Machine tools commonly discharge some chips and shavings into the coolant sump. As the chips accumulate and mound up, the coolant flow used to flood the part and tooling becomes restricted. Some high pressure coolant systems sound an audible alarm and abruptly shut down the machine when low coolant flow occurs. This results in downtime to fix the problem and clear the alarm. That isn't the case with standard machines where immediate damage can occur if the operator fails to spot the lack of coolant. Regular cleaning of the coolant sump with the Chip Trapper can quickly eliminate this very costly problem.


  • Lathes
  • Saws
  • Mills
  • Drills
  • Parts washers
  • Pits
  • Tanks
  • Containers
Chip Trapper cleans out dirty sump
Chips can accumulate in the sump, restricting coolant flow.
Chip Trappers returns filtered coolant back into sump
The Chip Trapper pumps the coolant back into the sump—free of chips and debris.


  • Removes unwanted solids from liquid
  • Recycles coolants
  • No moving parts
  • No motors to clog or wear out
  • Self priming stainless steel pump
  • Safe—no electricity
  • Built-in pressure/vacuum relief
  • Drum is included
  • Spill free—auto safety shutoff
  • Quiet
Full 5 micron filter bag
The 5 micron filter bag traps all the chips so no solids get pumped back out of the drum.
Chip Trapper System
The Chip Trapper includes the pump assembly with directional flow valve, a 55 gallon drum, 10' (3m) chemical resistant hose, 20' (6.1m) compressed air hose, aluminum chip want, (2) reusable 5 micron filter bags and drum dolly.

Chip Trapper Diagram

How the Chip Trapper Works

The vacuum hose (1) is attached to the barbed connection of the Chip Trapper (2). The directional flow control valve on top of the durm (3) and know on the pump (4) are set to the "fill" position. The air supply valve is opened to permit compressed air at 80-100 PSIG (5.5 - 6.9 BAR) to flow throught the pump which pulls the liquid through the hose, then into the reusable filter bag (5). When all liquid is in the drum, the air supply is turned off. The filtered liquid can then be pumped out by setting the directional flow control valve on top of the drum and knob on the pump to the "empty" position. Once the air supply valve is opened, the air pushes the liquid back through the hose while all solids remain in the reusable filter bag.

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Thursday 26 May 2016

Replacing Cooling Fans with Cabinet Coolers

3050 with qs
Which device is causing the overheating condition?
When an electrical device mounted inside a control panel goes offline due to an overheating condition, it can be difficult to determine which component in the panel is the root cause.  There may be an intermittent heat load from a variable frequency drive that isn’t present when troubleshooting, making things appear to be OK.  Or, the overheating condition may only happen during peak operation on days with high ambient temperatures.
Fortunately, no matter the root cause, an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler can maintain temperature within the enclosure at a desired set-point, eliminating overheating conditions and lost throughput due to downtime.
We investigate to determine what is housed inside of our customer’s electrical control panels.
When calculating heat load, EXAIR Application Engineers consider the components within the control panel.  We inquire with our customers regarding devices such as VFD’s, which may lead to temperature spikes, or fans, which actively remove heat (albeit that they often force dirt and debris into the enclosures they’re designed to be cooling).
To accurately calculate heat load, we require the diameter of any fans installed on the enclosure.
Fans can be particularly important, because with the installation of any EXAIR Cabinet Cooler, all external fans will need to be removed, and their openings will need to be sealed (internal fans can remain in place).  So, this means we have to account for any heat the fans may already be removing from the application, even if it isn’t enough to keep the enclosure cool.
Measure any fans used to bring ambient air into the enclosure.
In order to determine the amount of heat a fan is removing from an application, we consider the diameter of the fan, which corresponds to a typical air flow volume in CFM (cubic feet per minute).  We then consider that 1 BTU/hr. is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit, and it is also the amount of heat needed to raise/lower the temperature of one cubic foot of air by 1 degree Fahrenheit in one minute.  This means that for every CFM the fan is moving, we are reducing the temperature of the air by 1°F .  To put it another way, we remove 1 BTU/hr. for every °F * every CFM the fan is moving.
As an example, a 3″ fan will move 22 CFM.  In an enclosure with a current temperature differential of 15 degrees Fahrenheit, this fan is removing 330 BTU/hr.
15°F * 22 CFM = 330°F*CFM
x22 CFMX1 Btu/hr=330 Btu/hr
The fans holes should be covered up with sheet metal using rivets, caulk/sealant, duct tape or other ingenious methods you know of. But please cover and seal the cabinet as well as you can.

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Time is running out…

Traditional electrically powered vacuums have unreliable motors that wear out over time. When this occurs, the vacuum is rendered useless and needs to be replaced. With EXAIR’s Industrial Housekeeping Products being compressed air operated, there are no motors or moving parts to wear out, so provided you are supplying clean, dry air, the units are virtually maintenance free.
For liquid handling applications, we offer our Reversible Drum Vac Systems and Chip TrapperSystems. Also available in our High Lift versions, providing higher suction lift, up to 180″ H2O.
When it comes to solids handling applications, we offer the Chip Vac and Heavy Duty Dry VacSystems. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac is constructed of a hardened alloy to provide superior abrasion resistance.
In dusty applications we recommend our Heavy Duty HEPA Vac providing filtration meeting HEPA requirements of 99.97% filtration at 0.3 micron.
The Vac-u-Gun is a useful, handheld tool that can be used to vacuum dry media and deliver it to a collection bag or to transfer material from one location to another area or collection device. If you would rather blowoff the material from a surface, you can do that too as the unit features a nozzle insert that can be quickly reversed which will change it from a vacuum gun, to a powerful blow gun all while using just a fraction of compressed air when compared to other handheld air guns at only 13 SCFM @ 80 PSIG supply. There are no moving parts to where out or electricity required so the unit is virtually maintenance free.
For vacuuming and/or blowoff in a single, handy tool.
Here is a short video showing how the Vac-u-Gun operates:

Monday 23 May 2016

Super Ion Air Wipe

Super Ion Air Wipe

Super Ion Air Wipe

Ring of ionized airflow clamps around the part!

Neutralizes and cleans continuous moving surfaces!

Super Ion Air Wipe split design

What Is the Super Ion Air Wipe?

EXAIR's new Super Ion Air Wipe provides a uniform 360° ionized airstream that is easy to clamp around a part for eliminating static electricity and contaminants. It is ideal for use on pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, wire and more. It maximizes ionized airflow while minimizing compressed air consumption.

The split design unlatches easily to fit around
the moving part - no threading required.

Super Ion Air Wipe Sizes
The Super Ion Air Wipe is available in a 2"
(51mm) and 4" (102mm) diameter.

Why The Super Ion Air Wipe?

The Super Ion Air Wipe provides total coverage of the part moving through it. The high volume, high velocity flow attaches itself to the surface and wipes it down with the static eliminating ions. The airflow stays attached to the surface and is effective for many feet away from where the Super Ion Air Wipe is mounted. An optional pressure regulator provides infinite control of the air volume and velocity. Increasing the pressure increases the forceful wiping action. Lower pressures provide excellent coverage with much lower force and velocity.
To this point, there has been no easy way to provide uniform coverage around a continuously moving part. It would have been too difficult to line up and feed continuously moving materials (such as wire, tubing or extrusions) through a solid ring. Arranging a series of ionizers around the surface would provide uneven airflow and prove to be costly. The split design of the Super Ion Air Wipe solves that problem by making it easy to clamp around the surface of the material moving through it, eliminating the need for threading or several ionizers.
The Super Ion Air Wipe is lightweight and easy to mount using the tapped holes on the back. It can also be held in place with rigid pipe. Coupling brackets that hold each half of the Super Ion Air Wipe together are provided which can be installed or removed quickly if required.


  • Clean and neutralize extrusions
  • Neutralizing pipe, tubing, wire
  • Cleaning molded parts
  • Neutralizing static for quality printing
  • Pre-paint dust removal
  • Remove chips, shavings
    and sawdust
  • Container neutralization


  • Low air consumption
  • Rapid static decay
  • Quiet
  • Non-contact
  • Effective up to 15 feet (4.6m)
  • Shockless, non-radioactive
  • Compact, rugged, easy to install
  • No moving parts-Low maintenance
  • Variable force and flow

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Saturday 21 May 2016

Heavy Duty Dry Vac

Heavy Duty Dry Vac

Heavy Duty Dry Vac

Vacuum more material in less time!

Industrial duty vacuum has a rugged construction to resist wear!

EXAIR's new Heavy Duty Dry Vac attaches to an ordinary 55 gallon open-top (45 imperial gallon/205 liter) drum to turn it into a powerful, industrial duty vacuum cleaner. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac has been engineered to vacuum more dry materials in less time with less wear. 

Designed for tough industrial environments, the hardened alloy construction resists premature wear while the 0.1 micron filter bag traps dust to keep the surrounding air clean. The quiet operation makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications including the clean up of abrasive materials like steel shot, garnet, metal chips, and sand while also useful for general purpose applications like vacuuming floors, machines, work stations, industrial machinery and equipment.

Electrically operated vacuums have motors and impellers that clog and wear out quickly. There is also a potential shock hazard when electric vacs are used in standing liquids. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac is compressed air powered which eliminates the shock hazard. It has no moving parts to wear out or break, to assure long life. It is quiet with a sound level that is half that of electric vacs. A static resistant hose prevents painful shocks when vacuuming dry, dusty materials.


  • Work surfaces
  • Abrasive tumbling media
  • Industrial machinery
  • Shop floors
  • Sand blasting equipment
  • Grinders
  • Punch presses
  • Absorbent pick-up
  • Building maintenance/remodeling
  • Saws
  • Gravel
The Heavy Duty Dry Vac cleans up a spill of steel shot.
The Heavy Duty Dry Vac cleans up a spill of steel shot.
Sand that covers the floor around a sand blaster is quickly vacuumed into the drum using the rugged floor tool.
Sand that covers the floor around a sand blaster is quickly vacuumed into the drum using the rugged floor tool.


  • Moves more material in less time
  • Hardened construction resists wear
  • No moving parts - maintenance free
  • No motors to clog or wear out
  • No electricity
  • Continuous duty with high capacity
  • Dust free operation
  • Static resistant hose
  • Quiet
  • Powerful direct flow action
  • Heavy duty accessories

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Model 6197 Heavy Duty Dry Vac System
The Model 6197 Heavy Duty Dry Vac System includes 10' (3m) static resistant hose, 20' (6.1m) compressed air hose, shutoff valve, and gauge.
Model 6297 Deluxe Heavy Duty Dry Vac System
The Model 6297 Deluxe Heavy Duty Dry Vac System comes complete with a 10' (3m) static resistant hose, 20' (6.1m) compressed air hose, shutoff valve, gauge, heavy duty tools and drum dolly.

Thursday 19 May 2016

Save Money By Using Your Own Thermostat? Well…

In a Cabinet Cooler System application, we’re refrigerating air. This makes for a cool, clean, and dry atmosphere for your electrical & electronic components to operate in.
UL Listed & CE Compliant, EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems maintain NEMA 4, 4X, or 12 integrity.
UL Listed & CE Compliant, EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems maintain NEMA 4, 4X, or 12 integrity.
Not all thermostats are designed to read air temperature – in fact, a LOT of common, commercially available thermostats are designed for use with liquid. Using these to control air temperature will lead to slow response times. That means one of two things will happen:
When the air inside the enclosure is cooled to the thermostat’s set-point temperature, it won’t shut off the compressed air flow to the Cabinet Cooler unit, resulting in unnecessary compressed air consumption.  And that’s a shame.
When the air inside the enclosure is heated to the thermostat’s set-point temperature, it won’t start the compressed air flow to the Cabinet Cooler unit, resulting in a potential overheating of those expensive…or critical…or both…electronic components.  And that’s a REAL shame.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

A Customized Line Vac Moves Dog Bedding

A Customized Line Vac Moves Dog Bedding

One of the interesting things about working with a variety of applications on a daily basis, is realizing every answer isn’t cut-and-dry.  There are, of course, times when we can specify the exact amount of compressed air required, or the air volume needed to maintain a specific temperature, but conveying applications tend to be a bit different.
A reseller contacted Exair with an application in need of moving bedding material for dog beds.  The end user needed a reliable way to move the cotton fill for the beds, and wanted to find a way to limit handling by employees, while maintaining a reliability in the amount of material conveyed.
Due to the light weight and density of the cotton, Exair's Application Engineer considered a Light Duty Line Vac, which has an option of sizes up to 6” in diameter – a benefit to this application because the cotton can cluster in groups up to 5” wide.  So, the end user decided to test a Light Duty Line Vac and fell in love with the concept and results.  But, the conveyance capacity of the Light Duty Line Vac was below the needs of the application, meaning we needed to consider a revision to our initial solution.
Finding a new solution meant exploring a number of different options.  They looked into the standardLine Vacs available from stock, threaded Line Vacs, and custom-made Line Vacs with cam lock fittings.  All the while we kept an eye on the throat diameter of each size, the related compressed air requirements, connection options, and lead time.
An initial concern at EXAIR was the cotton “clumping” and being delivered in a the form of a ball. The “clumping” of the cotton was of relatively little concern to the customer, their bigger indicator of success in this application was in how quickly the bedding material could be conveyed.  Having this as the decision driver led them away from the Light Duty Line Vacs They originally sought, and towards a modified version of our stock model 6087 (4″ aluminum Line Vac) with an additional compressed air inlet machined into the body of the unit.  The additional compressed air inlet was introduced by request from the customer, to provide guaranteed air delivery during higher compressed air flow conditions, brought about through higher operating pressures (not to exceed 250 PSIG).
Finding this custom solution wouldn’t have been possible without the Light Duty Line Vac, its large size availability, attractive compressed air usage, and ability to chip from stock.  We never would have explored this special solution, which the end user went on to implement in 12 locations!  If you’re considering a Line Vac for an application in your facility, consider a Light Duty Line Vac, standard Line Vac, or even a custom solution.  No matter the solution, we’ll be happy to help.
Vivek Engineers,
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Tuesday 17 May 2016

Digital Sound Level Meter

Digital Sound Level Meter

Digital Sound Level Meter

Prevent worker-related hearing loss!

EXAIR’s new Digital Sound Level Meter is an easy to use instrument that can measure and monitor the sound level pressure in a wide variety of industrial environments. The source of loud noises can be quickly identified and isolated so corrective measure can be taken to reduce or eliminate the problem. For compressed aire noise, it is often as simple as replacing the existing inefficient blowoffs with EXAIR's engineered compressed aire products such as the Super Air Knife, Super Air Amplifier or Super Air Nozzles. In many cases, the EXAIR products can reduce noise levels by 10dBA which is perceived as cutting the sound volume in half.
Digital Sound Meter Kit
Each Digital Sound Level Meter comes complete with removable wind screen, battery, and a protective case.
Hearing loss induced by high noise in the workplace is a common problem. Exposure to high noise levels for an extended period of time can lead to permanent hearing loss for workers not wearing proper hearing protection.The Digital Sound Level Meter can help employers protect workers by monitoring noise levels so they don't exceed the limits shown in OSHA Standard 29 CFR – 1910.95(a). Failure to comply can result in hefty fines.
Accurate and responsive, the Digital Sound Level Meter measures the decibels of the sound and displays the reading on the large LCD display that has a backlight button for easier viewing. An "F/S" response time button provides a choice of slow response measurements for comparatively stable noise measurement or fast for varying noise. The “Max Hold” setting will measure the maximum noise level of sounds and update continuously if a louder sound is detected. Certification of accuracy and calibration traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is included.

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