Monday 16 November 2015

Atomizing Nozzle

One of our Customers was facing problem in spraying liquid/water in their application for producing bread/bun. They were using manual spray gun which does not have auto spray feature, so they were not getting desired water droplets. They had to depute a person exclusively for spraying.

We suggested him to go for Exair Atomizing Nozzle wide angle pattern.

 The customer was happy to get the desired spray pattern and droplet size. More over no power is required to operate it. We have provided options to operate it with sensor automation or manual ball valve operation. Both options are appreciated by the customer.

Initially we mounted 3 Atomizing Nozzles to cover entire tray area where breads/buns come on conveyor.  After this application this product has to enter into a micro oven.

The Atomizing Nozzle is very much appreciated by the customer for its performance. This stainless steel Atomizing Nozzle is useful in food segment and also in medical segment.


Mr. Durga Madhab Praharaj - Sales & Opearations Manager.
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Monday 9 November 2015

Super Blast Safety Air Gun Blasts Chips Out of Bundles of Pipe

This application was nice and easy.

The end customer produces a variety of copper pipes mainly for export. The diameters range from 6 mm to 105 mm and can be up to 6 meters in length. When cut, chips from the cutting process end up inside the pipes as they are processed into bundles. 

Currently, the end customer is using a 2 ft. long piece of ¾ pipe with a valve to blow the chips out from one end to the other. This method proves to be quite dangerous from health and safety point. The noise produced is quite obnoxious and when in use, the compressed air used is obviously excessive. The pipe is connected to a 25 mm diameter hose. There was no method available to determine how much compressed air was used each time, but the estimate was a rate of about 100 SCFM.

After our distributor made their visit to see the application, they noted that significant improvement in safety, force, flow and noise could be achieved by simply changing out the ¾ pipe with EXAIR model 1213-4 Super Blast Safety Air Gun. The noise dropped to 82 dBA from a previous measurement of 100+ dBA.  The flow required dropped from the estimated 100 SCFM to a known 56 SCFM and the force was regulated to a reasonable 3.2 lbs. of force generated at the target.

Part of what the end customer was fighting was an extreme pressure drop over their existing hose. The Super Blast Safety Air Gun was able to resolve this issue to allow for more consistency in the blow off operation.

One last interesting aside was that the 4 individual nozzles of the Super Blast Safety Air Gun would line up nicely with the pipes so 4 pipes at a time could be blown out.


Mr. Durga Madhab Praharaj - Sales & Opearations Manager.
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Super Air Knife Eliminates Alumina Dust Carryover on Conveyor

EXAIR Super Air Knives are quite often used on belt-style conveyors to blow off and clean the conveyor of any residual product that may try to stick to the belt and fall off at points along the travel where the product can pile up and create a real mess.

Our most recent version of this application was for a conveyor moving alumina dust in a foundry. Our Australian distributor, Compressed Air Australia, worked with the end user to apply this solution.

Mounting an Aluminum Super Air Knife across the width of the conveyor on the underside, just down-stream of the head pulley, the customer was able to completely eliminate the dust accumulation under the belt.

    Before Super Air Knife Installation:     After Super Air Knife Installation:

The Super Air Knife with Plumbing Kit, installed below the conveyor belt:

By installing the Super Air Knife, the customer was able to keep production running on the conveyor. Before, they had to stop periodically so the operators could clean up the dust. Dealing with the dust is a safety hazard for the operators for a variety of reasons including inhalation and personal safety risk working around moving parts. The solution allowed production to remain up and moving for longer periods. It also allowed workers to be safer in the environment and also concentrate their manpower and time on other activities as they no longer had to worry about cleaning up this material.

The compact nature of the Super Air Knife with the Plumbing Kit allowed the customer to tuck the unit right up where it was needed most. Notice how the Super Air Knife is blowing almost parallel to the belt. This is key in any Air Knife installation to allow for the longest contact time possible between the airflow and the target. This counter-flow arrangement is how the best performance is achieved with the Super Air Knife.


Mr. Durga Madhab Praharaj - Sales & Opearations Manager.
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EXAIR Heavy Duty Line Vac Re-Loads Rainfall Sander

In the world of lost wax casting a wax pattern is created and then fused to a wax runner system along with multiples of other patterns or perhaps the same pattern. Once the “tree” of wax patterns is created, the tree is coated with a fine material to reproduce fine details in the pattern and is then “stuccoed” with a coarse, ceramic material. It is this application of the coarse ceramic material process with which my most recent customer needed help. It was not so much the application of the ceramic material to the wax pattern but the refilling of the rainfall sander which is the tool that actually applies the ceramic to the patterns. Below is a photo of a rainfall sander for your reference.

 As you can see a fine, water fall-like flow of sand dropping down from above provides the means for the stuccoing process.
The problem is that the hoppers for these machines can be in excess of 7 feet above the floor and require replenishing. The idea is to put just the right amount of material into the hopper without overfilling which has been a problem in the past with the customer dumping by hand over-head.
The solution the customer was looking for was the 1-1/2” Heavy Duty Line Vac to be used in a moveable cart-based hopper filling tool with a gallows-type over arm which can be placed above the hopper of each machine to provide the metered filling.

The reasons for picking the Heavy Duty version of the EXAIR Line Vac was for its robust resistance to abrasion from high speed materials moving through the throat area. Heavy Duty Line Vac is made of a high grade, tool steel with a proprietary surface treatment to harden the material even further to make the unit highly resistant to abrasion. The Heavy Duty Line Vac has been used with such materials as silica sand, ground glass and ground garnet for hopper replenishment in abrasive blasting applications, so it could handle the stucco material quite nicely. The higher conveying capacity of the Heavy Duty Line Vac also made quick work of the material being conveyed to make for unobtrusive service. 


Mr. Durga Madhab Praharaj - Sales & Opearations Manager.
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Air Nozzle System

One of our Customers required Plunger cleaning 

Customer was using open tube for air blowing for long duration. It was consuming more air for cleaning and it was noisy too. The Plunger is around 4” circular and the inner bore ¼”. Customer needs to drain out oily plunger after lifting it out from oil bin. They need to clean exterior and interior bore simultaneously in 2 to 3 seconds cycle at 4 to 4.5 Bar pressure.

Pneumatic solution

We have made an Air Nozzle System which includes 1122- 2” Flat Super Air Nozzle for exterior cleaning and 1109ss-Pico Super Air Nozzle for inner bore 360˚ cleaning. We have made a system when foot pedal valve is turned on the Air Nozzle it will blow enough force to get plunger cleaned as per customers desired cycle i.e. 2 to 3 seconds, the plunger got drained out from oil for further Pneumatic/Dry test. The Air Nozzle system which we have mounted in closed cabin prevent oil splashes around drying area and the drained oil which falls on the sponge which have placed inside the closed cabin, the drained oil is recollected into oil bin on every shift.


  1. The Air Nozzles are OSHA Certified and consumes less air. So the air deliver will be 25 times more.
  2. Less Noise as per OSHA requirement
  3. Drain oil can be collected.
  4. The Super Air Nozzle system is maintenance free.
  5. Uses of Super Air Nozzle will save Compressed Air energy. So, the investment can be recovered in a sort span of time.

Mr. Durga Madhab Praharaj - Sales & Opearations Manager.
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Saturday 7 November 2015

EXAIR Atomizing Nozzle Replaces High Pressure Pump Sprayer in Application

Our customer in the automation / tool making industry has a need to spray a mold release type agent onto some specialized tooling they have developed and are testing. Originally, the customer had planned to use some sort of pressurized sprayer similar to those used in a garden. After some initial tests to prove the concept, the customer found that the moving mechanical parts of the sprayer became fouled by the release agent. And cleaning the internal parts was not easy to do.

In their search for a more permanent solution, the customer came across EXAIR Atomizing Nozzles. After going through some application type questions to narrow the focus down to one model, we determined that the customer would be best served by model AF1010SS (Internal Mix, Flat Fan Pattern Atomizing Nozzle). The customer had a couple of questions about the nozzle in order to gain some acceptance of the recommendation.

  1. Is it possible to disassemble the nozzle and clean it completely?  The answer is yes, the Atomizing Nozzles can be completely disassembled to allow for cleaning, maintenance or replacement of worn parts. 
  2. Are the nozzles solvent resistant? The answer is also yes; the Atomizing Nozzles are made of AISI303 type stainless steel and can be cleaned with any normal solvent based cleaner.
Earlier in this article, I mentioned that we went through some application type questions. Here is a list of general questions that we normally ask a customer about their application in order to determine which in our selection would be best suited.

  1. What is the volume of liquid flow needed for the application?
  2. What is the viscosity of the liquid being applied?
  3. What are the required spray pattern, size and shape required?
  4. Is the liquid under pressure (by pump or pressure pot)?  If so, what is the liquid pressure?
If you have an application where you have a liquid that needs to be applied in atomized form to a target, or perhaps a humidification application, please give EXAIR Atomizing Nozzles your consideration.

EXAIR Super Air Amplifiers used in Thermal Spray Cooling Application

Every once in a while, we will run across a video where EXAIR products are being used. I just ran across one on YouTube the other day and thought it worth mentioning here. The video is produced by Air Products Company. The video is intended to promote their patented cryogenic cooling system. The purpose of their system is to minimize heat transfer into the work piece as much as possible by providing a very cold stream of gas immediately after the plasma spray has gone over a section of the work piece.

What I found interesting is that EXAIR 2” Super Air Amplifiers are also being used within the application to provide either the primary or secondary cooling (however you may want to look at it). Air Amplifiers have the ability to provide a great deal of cooling power when there is a temperature differential between the target and ambient air surrounding the application. You cannot get much hotter than plasma, and so the cooling benefits can be realized.  A Super Air Amplifier will draw in surrounding air and propel it toward the target to get as much volume of air moving over the work piece as possible.

There is no doubt that the Air Products cryogenic cooling system does a good job. I would simply like to point out that the “compressed air cooling” mentioned in the video is provided by EXAIR. If a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a thousand pictures.


Mr. Durga Madhab Praharaj - Sales & Opearations Manager.
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