Tuesday 28 August 2018

Coolant and Oil Blowoff

A manufacturer of shock absorbers for automobiles and motorcycles, as well as steering systems for automobiles is cutting solid rod at the beginning of their process. They have a problem with carryout of the coolant and oil used in the cutting process. Once the part is cut, it is ejected from the machine and takes a bit of these materials with it. The problem is the coolant makes a rather large mess in the area around the machine and also causes them to have to re-fill the cutting coolant often. So, they have decided to use a Model 2402 2" (51mm) Super Air Wipe to blow the rods off as they are being ejected from the machine.

The Super Air Wipe blows the coolant/oil mixture back into the machine, off the rod. The benefit is that there is no subsequent handling of the rod after ejection in order to clean it any further. The work area is cleaner and the coolant level does not need to be topped off as often now. This area had previously been identified as a problem area that needed too much human intervention as the process of making shocks and struts is highly automated.

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