Wednesday 29 August 2012

Standard Air Wipe

This hard-hitting 360° ring of airflow is the economical way to blowoff, dry, clean and cool.

EXAIR’s Standard Air Wipe provides a uniform 360° airstream that is ideal for blowoff, drying, cleaning and cooling of pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, wire and more. The split design offers easy clamping around the surface of the material moving through it, eliminating the need for threading. All models include painted screws and plastic shims. Reinforced rubber hose is also included on sizes up to 4" (102mm) for added corrosion and heat resistance. Standard Air Wipe models are rated for temperatures up to 150°F (66°C) .

 The Standard Air Wipe is an economic choice when the added properties of stainless steel are not required. The Standard Air Wipe is generally suited to non-corrosive applications where temperatures do not exceed 150°F (66°C).The Standard Air Wipe includes painted screws, plastic shims & a general purpose PVC coupling air hose on sizes up to 4”(102 mm).It meets OSHA maximum dead end pressure & noise requirements.
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  1. Standard Air Wipe Kits include the Standard Air Wipe of choice and the:
    1.Automatic Drain Filter Separator to prevent water and dirt particles found in many compressed air lines from clogging or passing through the Standard Air Wipe.
    2. Pressure Regulator for infinite control of flow and force.
    3. Shim Set to increase or decrease the gap from which the compressed air exhausts, providing further adjustment to the flow and force.

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