Thursday 16 August 2012

Full-Flow Air Knife

EXAIR’s Full-Flow Air Knife is a cheapest & energy competent way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors. Full-Flow Air knives operate by entraining the surrounding air along with the compressed air utilizing the “Coanda” effect to produce high flow, high velocity curtain of air. Air Knives are designed for 24/7 use, have smooth edges and shims for easier cleaning, can be precisely adjusted without tools for faster change-over’s and are custom sized for your application. The Full-Flow feature provides air flow across the entire length. The Full-Flow Air Knife has the compressed air inlet on the rear. It is available in either aluminium or stainless steel construction.

Shim Sets 

A Full-Flow Air Knife has a .002" (.05mm) gap setting. This gap is set with a shim positioned between the cap and the body of the Full-Flow Air Knife. Force and flow through the Full-Flow Air Knife may be easily increased by adding shims to open the gap. Kits include a shim set. Shim sets for aluminum Full-Flow Air Knives include a .001" (0.03mm), .003" (0.08mm) and .004" (0.10mm) thick plastic shim. Shim sets for stainless steel Air Full-Flow Knives include (1) .002" (0.05mm) thick stainless steel shim.

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