Thursday 11 October 2012

E-Vac Vacuum Generators

E-Vac Vacuum Generators

XAIR’s compressed air powered E-Vac is a low cost, compact alternative to traditional vacuum pumps in single stage designs. EXAIR's vacuum generators can be used to generate vacuum economically without a single moving part.
Patented design extracts maximum amount of energy from compressed air source while optimizing the level of vacuum generation. E-Vac is commonly used for pick & place operations and provides instantaneous response. Variety of sizes & flows along with a selection of suction cups for wide range of application are available with these single stage vacuum pumps.

The E-Vac vacuum generators have high efficiency & have been engineered to minimize air consumption. The fluctuations in vacuum are eliminated due to the EXAIR’s single stage design, providing consistent & steady vacuum. E-Vac has no moving parts to wear out & is completely maintenance free.More details>>

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