Tuesday 9 August 2016

Deep Hole Vac-u-Gun Cleans Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

Deep Hole Vac-u-Gun Cleans Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

An electronics component manufacturer produces high quality, flexible and rigid printed circuit boards (PCB’s) for a wide range of applications.. They were looking for a more reliable solution to clean dust particles from their DIMM or Dual In-Line Memory Module sockets on PCB’s. This particular process is very critical as any dust or debris that remains in the socket, will cause them to fail inspection and the need to be reworked or ultimately considered lost product and remanufactured.
circuit board
Example of a circuit board
They were currently using compressed air blowing through a small open tube to blow out the sockets. While this was successful in some cases, in others they were seeing the blown particulate settle in another location on the board which would lead to the conditions mentioned above. Their thinking was to have a system where they could blow out the small areas on the circuits, while also having a way to vacuum or carry the particulate away from the area. They were looking into a traditional vacuum hood system but these units tend to be for larger industrial type applications where their process was a much smaller scale ranging from 50mm up to 200mm. Another concern was with the boards being so small and lightweight , the vacuum system may try to vacuum the PCB’s themselves.
After discussing the details of the application, Exair Person recommended they use our Deep Hole Vac-u-Gun in the application. The Deep Hole Vac-u-Gun features a small blow tube that upon squeezing the trigger, provides a burst of air to lift or loosen dust or particulate trapped in small holes or cavities. The unit simultaneously provides vacuum that is able to collect the released fines and carry them away from the area, removing the potential for further contamination.
DH Vac-u-Gun
Deep Hole Vac-u-Gun ideal for cleaning grooves or holes up to 1-1/4″ diameter and 18″ deep.

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