Thursday 27 October 2016

Super Air Amplifiers for Vent, exhaust, cool, dry, clean - with no moving parts!

Super Air Amplifiers are efficient & have the highest amplification ratios of all. Super Air amplifiers are compact, lightweight, portable & have no moving parts, assuring maintenance –free operation.

To maintain critical position of the component parts, the patented design of the amplifier uses a special shim. This results in the release of exact amount of compressed air at precise intervals toward the centre of the Super Air Amplifier. A high velocity outlet flow across the entire cross Super Air Amplifiers blow off transmissions after machiningsectional area is created by these jets of air. High Amplification ratio is created by pulling in additional free air through the unit. Wind shear is minimized by the balanced outlet airflow, to produce sound levels that are generally quieter than other air movers

A slotted air gap of .003” (0.08mm) is supplied with Super Air Amplifiers which is ideal for most applications. Shim can be replaced with a thicker .006”(0.15mm) or .009”(0.23mm) shim to get increased force & flow. Air amplifier is easy to mount and maintain reducing both compressed air consumption and noise levels. It takes energy from a small volume of compressed air to produce a high velocity, high volume, low pressure output air flow.

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