Friday 20 January 2023

Finding Your Perfect Static Elimination Solution

  Static electricity can disrupt multiple different manufacturing processes affecting product quality, production speeds, and cause harmful shocks to employees. 

Though different processes deal with static in unique ways, one thing they have in common is the adverse effect it has on production. No matter what your static situation may be, EXAIR offers a line of diverse static eliminators that are tailored to handle any static issue efficiently and effectively.

EXAIR's line of patented Intellistat products are engineered for sensitive processes. The handheld 

Intellistat® Ion Air Gun and the hands-free 

Intellistat® Ion Air Nozzle are made for laboratories, clean rooms, medical or electronic applications and carry a Class 5 cleanroom rating per ISO 14644-1. 

For applications needing wide area coverage, EXAIR’s Super Ion Air Knife is available up to 108” wide. 

The Super Ion Air Wipe offers 360° blowoff for cables, wires, and extruded shapes. 

The Ion Air Cannon is excellent for remote mounting or static elimination at a distance on rapid production lines. 

The Ion Air Gun and Ion Air Jet are for hand-held, manual applications. 

For applications where the surface may be sensitive to airflow, Exair Ionizing Bar or Ionizing Point don’t require the use of compressed air and still remove static charges. 

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