Monday 9 November 2015

Super Blast Safety Air Gun Blasts Chips Out of Bundles of Pipe

This application was nice and easy.

The end customer produces a variety of copper pipes mainly for export. The diameters range from 6 mm to 105 mm and can be up to 6 meters in length. When cut, chips from the cutting process end up inside the pipes as they are processed into bundles. 

Currently, the end customer is using a 2 ft. long piece of ¾ pipe with a valve to blow the chips out from one end to the other. This method proves to be quite dangerous from health and safety point. The noise produced is quite obnoxious and when in use, the compressed air used is obviously excessive. The pipe is connected to a 25 mm diameter hose. There was no method available to determine how much compressed air was used each time, but the estimate was a rate of about 100 SCFM.

After our distributor made their visit to see the application, they noted that significant improvement in safety, force, flow and noise could be achieved by simply changing out the ¾ pipe with EXAIR model 1213-4 Super Blast Safety Air Gun. The noise dropped to 82 dBA from a previous measurement of 100+ dBA.  The flow required dropped from the estimated 100 SCFM to a known 56 SCFM and the force was regulated to a reasonable 3.2 lbs. of force generated at the target.

Part of what the end customer was fighting was an extreme pressure drop over their existing hose. The Super Blast Safety Air Gun was able to resolve this issue to allow for more consistency in the blow off operation.

One last interesting aside was that the 4 individual nozzles of the Super Blast Safety Air Gun would line up nicely with the pipes so 4 pipes at a time could be blown out.


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