Thursday 3 March 2016

EXAIR Has Your Cleanup Solution!

EXAIR offers a full line of products that are specifically engineered to quickly and quietly vacuum a wide variety of material into standard drums for easy switchout and storage. Powered by compressed air, none of EXAIR's vacs have parts to wear out or motors to replace!

The Reversible Drum Vac"! and the High Lift Reversible Drum Vac"! commonly used to empty and fill coolant sumps are engineered to attach to any standard closed head 30, 55, or 110 gallon drum and quickly fill it with liquid for storage, transport, or disposal. With the simple turn of a knob, the liquid can also be quickly pumped out of the same drum. The High Lift version comes with an even more powerful vacuum that can pump liquids up to 15 feet!

The ruggedly designed Chip Vac"! attaches directly to an ordinary open-top 30, 55, or 110 gallon drum and is used to clean chips and shavings from mills and other industrial equipment.

Designed for tough industrial environments, the hardened Heavy Duty Dry Vac"! is engineered to clean up abrasive materials like steel shot, garnet, metal chips and sand while also useful for more general purpose applications. Sizes available for 30, 55, or 110 gallon open-top drums.

The Heavy Duty HEPA Vac"! turns a 55 or 110 gallon open-top drum into a powerful HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) quality industrial vacuum cleaner. The Heavy Duty HEPA Vac has been engineered to filter contaminants to HEPA requirements in dusty environments requiring frequent cleaning.

Both the patented* Chip Trapper"! and High Lift Chip Trapper"! are engineered to remove chips, swarf and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids. They vacuum the debris-filled liquid and trap all of the solids in a reusable filter bag. They can then be reversed to pump the cleaned liquid back out. Ideal for use on sumps, parts washers, tanks and storage containers of contaminated liquids. The High Lift Chip Trapper develops enough suction power to lift liquids up to 15 feet!

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