Tuesday 24 May 2016

Time is running out…

Traditional electrically powered vacuums have unreliable motors that wear out over time. When this occurs, the vacuum is rendered useless and needs to be replaced. With EXAIR’s Industrial Housekeeping Products being compressed air operated, there are no motors or moving parts to wear out, so provided you are supplying clean, dry air, the units are virtually maintenance free.
For liquid handling applications, we offer our Reversible Drum Vac Systems and Chip TrapperSystems. Also available in our High Lift versions, providing higher suction lift, up to 180″ H2O.
When it comes to solids handling applications, we offer the Chip Vac and Heavy Duty Dry VacSystems. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac is constructed of a hardened alloy to provide superior abrasion resistance.
In dusty applications we recommend our Heavy Duty HEPA Vac providing filtration meeting HEPA requirements of 99.97% filtration at 0.3 micron.
The Vac-u-Gun is a useful, handheld tool that can be used to vacuum dry media and deliver it to a collection bag or to transfer material from one location to another area or collection device. If you would rather blowoff the material from a surface, you can do that too as the unit features a nozzle insert that can be quickly reversed which will change it from a vacuum gun, to a powerful blow gun all while using just a fraction of compressed air when compared to other handheld air guns at only 13 SCFM @ 80 PSIG supply. There are no moving parts to where out or electricity required so the unit is virtually maintenance free.
For vacuuming and/or blowoff in a single, handy tool.
Here is a short video showing how the Vac-u-Gun operates:

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