Thursday 2 March 2023

Say Goodbye To Static Charge!

Finding the Perfect Static Eliminator

Static Eliminators are engineered to deliver a constant stream of static eliminating ions to prevent product damage on production lines as well as harmful shocks to employees. But even with the common goal of eliminating static, individual workplaces and processes inevitably will require different approaches for their solutions.
EXAIR has worked over the years to develop a selection of products to provide solutions with this very thought in mind.

For processes that require flexibility and movement, we have Portable Static Eliminators i.e.

1. Intellistat® Ion Air Gun

2. Gen4® Ion Air Gun™

3. Gen4® Ion Air Cannon™

perfect for blowing off trimmings, dust or particulate in hard-to-reach areas or on complex shapes.

For processes requiring large areas of coverage or consistent streams of static eliminating ions on rapid production lines that might experience jamming or tearing, take a look at our Fixed Static Eliminators.

1. Gen4® Super Ion Air Knife™

2. Gen4® Super Ion Air Wipe™

3. Gen4® Ion Air Cannon™

4. Gen4® Ion Air Jet™

For processes that may be sensitive to airflow, we have a line of Static Eliminators Without Air that provide concentrated ions up close to the process with exceptional static decay rates.

1. Gen4® Ionizing Bar
2. Gen4® Ionizing Point™

No matter the process, Vivek Engineers is always dedicated to working with our customers to find their perfect solution. For advice on a particular problem or inquiries on how an EXAIR product can improve your process, feel free to email our application engineers at

To learn more about our products, follow the link below to visit our site.

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